Conveyor belt drives A-series

    Small Space, big Output – Space-saving and Self-aligning FLENDER A-Conveyor Gear Units

    Not every mine offers enough space for complicated measuring, alignment and installation work. Our A-conveyor drives are delivered ready-assembled and require no costly and time-consuming alignment on site. The patented self-aligning system is the answer to many drive problems which frequently crop up in confined space conditions of the kind, for example, often encountered under ground.

    The A-conveyor drive series offers flexibility for initial start-up, either with regard to space conditions, location or assembly. No special know-how is needed either for modification or disassembly work. The entire drive unit does not need to be aligned. A direct connection between motor and gear unit makes alignment unnecessary. High production quality also ensures the necessary precise connection. The patented Clever Cooling System ensures outstanding heat dissipation.

    With the FLENDER Self-Aligning System in eight sizes FLENDER covers a power range of up to 550 kW.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Space-saving, compact design
    • Unique, provem concept with many customer references
    • Easy installation on site and less maintenance work: no aligning on site
    • Simple transport
    • Increased thermal capacity: no external cooling required
    • Highest power density
    • High reliability and operational dependability
    • Dust-proof
    • Flanged output shafts enable easier gear-unit fitting combined with a small space requirement
    • High efficiencies
    • Outstanding noise characteristics thanks to ground bevel gears and sound-damping housings and especially high tooth contact ratios
    • IDS (Integrated Drive Systems) for perfect coordination and control