Meeting your Specific Needs

    FLENDER oil supply systems are used for cooling and/or lubricating gear units. Flender uses products which have been specially selected from the market supply, and are made and tested in accordance with Flender specifications. They have been accepted for the planned application. Standardized procedures of installation and testing ensure high quality.

    Within our portfolio of standard and application oil supply systems, we offer you single and double pump systems are available as well as systems with air-oil or water-oil coolers, and systems mounted on base frames or tanks. The application systems are especially tailored to the gear unit of your application.

    Standard and application oil supply systems are available with the following versions:

    • Water cooling
    • Air cooling
    • Single- or dual pump systems
    • Base frame
    • Tank
    • Monitoring and control equipment for oil pressure, oil temperature, oil flow, oil level and differential pressure (filter)
    • Pipework between gear unit and oil supply system according to the customer’s layout plan

    Oil supply systems with special technical or customer requirements outside of our standard portfolio can be projected by our technical office.

    Special versions contain:

    • ATEX / EX version
    • NEMA version
    • Protective cover
    • Stainless-steel version
    • Special Voltage
    • Proven FLENDER quality: Standardized procedures of installation and testing
    • One single manufacturer: Optimum coordination of components and one supplier
    • Especially tailored to your needs: Wide range of versions going beyond the standard
    • Bevel-helical gear units
    • Helical gear units
    • Planetary gear units
    • Worm-gear units
    • Mill gear units
    • Girth-gear units
    • Extruder gear units

    The OWGE.1 series of oil-supply systems is a further development of the former water-oil-cooled systems series and consists of twelve sizes with a cooling capacity of 2.8 to 185 kW and an oil volume flow of 6.6 to 437 l/min. There are no longer fixed variants. You can choose your required scope of control devices from a wide range of components.