Unpatient paper machines – the production of paper bears no delay

    Today’s paper machines are well over 100 m long and, depending on the type of paper, up to 10 m wide, several floors high, and allow production speeds of over 2000 m/min, just to mention only a few requirements of a modern paper machine. To meet these enormous requirements and the high expectations of customers regarding the paper quality, reliable power transmission equipment is required. For many decades, FLENDER gear units designed specifically for the needs of the paper industry have been used. Whether helical or bevel helical design, single or two-stage, vertical or horizontal mounting position, FLENDER has just the right gear unit for your paper machine. Output torques of up to 820,000 Nm can be achieved

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Improved noise behavior through ground bevel gears, noise-absorbing housing and high contact ratio of the gear teeth
    • Increased operational reliability due to design with a low maximum oil temperature
    • Shorter delivery times by using a new modular principle


    • All drive points of the paper machine
    • Reeler
    • Pulp
    • Recovered paper
    • Wet end
    • Coating machines
    • Calenders
    • Wastewater treatment plant