Brilliant results with FLENDER Gear Units for M.G. Cylinders

    In tissue machines and in some paper and paperboard machines there is an M.G. cylinder. These M.G. cylinders are used to give the paper a single-sided smooth and shiny surface, or to ensure the drying process for tissue paper. What is special about the M.G. cylinder is its diameter of up to 6 m. Similar to the drying cylinders, the gear unit is attached to the cylinder pin as a shaft-mounted gear unit. As with the drying cylinders, steam is led through this cylinder pin into the M.G. cylinder. Just as throughout the field of paper machinery, FLENDER gear units for M.G. cylinders have proven themselves for decades. FLENDER gear units of type GHZP/GHDP for M.G. cylinders can be ordered in the following designs:

    • With one or two input shafts
    • With or without Sunday drive
    • Two- or three-stage with transmission ratios from 6 to 100
    • With hollow shaft inside diameters up to 550 mm
    • FLENDER gear units for M.G. cylinders are suitable for output torques from 14,000 to 160,000 Nm.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Maintenance-free labyrinth seals
    • Designs for one and two input shafts
    • Hollow shaft inside diameter up to 550 mm
    • Gear unit can handle axial forces from the steam head of up to 40,000 N.


    • Glazing/drying
       – Tissue machines
       – Paper machines
       – Paperboard machines