• Hydrodynamic fluid coupling
    • Nominal output from 1.2 kW up to 2,500 kW with 15 sizes
    • Temperature range: from –40 °C to +50 °C

    Especially within tough applications, drive components and processing machines are subject to extreme loads. FLUDEX® couplings limit start and maximum torque within the drive train and serve as starting aids for the motor and as overload protection in the case of an incident. They also provide damping and separation of rotary oscillation, thereby reducing restoring forces to a minimum.

    Fluid couplings operate according to the Föttinger principle. The coupling parts on the input and output side are not mechanically connected and are therefore wear-free. The torque is transmitted by the fluid movement in the coupling, accelerated by the radial blades. Our film illustrates the Föttinger principle as well as the operating principle of the FLUDEX coupling.

    • Soft and shock-free starting of machines and conveyor systems
    • Torque transmission without wear allows internal combustion engines to start up with a connected load
    • Torque limitation during start-up and in the case of overload protects coupled system components
    • Acceleration of large masses without using oversized motors
    • Protection of the drive against load peaks due to frequent switching procedures and reverse operation
    • Excellent decoupling of vibrations and shock damping
    • Largely torsional vibration decoupling in vibration-endangered drives
    • Small operating slip of the coupling at nominal load (approx. 2%)
    • Suitable for use in potentially explosive environments; certified according to 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
    • Mining and Cement: conveyor belts, apron conveyors, bucket elevators, tube mills, rotary kilns, bunker dischargers, vertical mills, bucket excavators, crushers, roller presses, separators
    • Oil and Gas: pumps, fans, compressors, air condensers
    • Power Generation: air condensers, generators, cooling towers
    • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: driers, lauter tuns, pumps and compressors, mixers, cooling towers, agitators, reactors
    • Pulp and Paper: woodgrinders, waste paper, wet section, dry section, wastewater purification plants
    • Water and Wastewater: aerators, water screw pumps
    • Food and Beverage: lauter tuns, reactors, agitators, mixers
    • Sugar: generators, extraction plants, sugar cane mills, beet washers
    • Passenger Transport: cable cars
    • Other fields of application: crushers for wood, metals, stones

    The specified operating conditions of a FLUDEX coupling can be monitored by a non-contact and maintenance-free Electronic Operating Control (EOC) system. A thermal operation control device and fusible safety plugs in the coupling housing provide additional protection against overheating and overload pressure.