Lauter Tuns

    Quality by precision

    Lauter tuns are used in breweries to separate mash from wort. A raking machine inside the tun rakes grist and malt or removes the spent grains, depending on the direction of rotation.

    The height of the raking machine can be varied either electrically or hydraulically according to the process. FLENDER offers a gear unit solution with integrated height adjusting mechanism for this purpose. The height can even be altered under load. Precise technology is crucial when the fluids are separated from the solids in the mash. The extract should remain in the process. Reliable drives that ensure the agitation of the cutter bar in high precision increase the productivity and help to keep the high quality requirements for the product. FLENDER gear units have been optimized for this special application.

    The height adjustment of the raking machine is realized either electrically or hydraulically in accordance to the process. FLENDER offers special gear units with integrated height adjustment. The height can be changed even under load.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • High operational reliability
    • Low noise emissions
    • High efficiency
    • Forced lubrication by means of flanged-on pump
    • Stronger bearings to absorb axial loads
    • Height-adjustable output shaft
    • Coupling flange


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