• Planetary gear unit which can be installed horizontally
    • Nominal torque range from TKN = 480,000 Nm to 5,450,000 Nm with 17 sizes

    In the world of drive systems, the word “premium” has many facets. These result from customers’ expectations of the product and how they are met. With our PLANUREX® 3 series, we have redefined these expectations. The PLANUREX 3 represents a new generation of premium planetary gear units that have an extremely high power capacity, can be used in a wide range of applications and are setting new benchmarks in terms of quality, flexibility and ease of use.

    The PLANUREX 3 series offers a complete, 100% standard range of planetary gear units in XL format, combined with rapid availability worldwide, an excellent price-performance ratio and a high degree of modularity. The concept hits the sweet spot with its combination of power capacity, system availability and cost-effectiveness.

    We promise you operational reliability even at intermittent loading due to the 200% overload capacity relative to the nominal torque. The new series offers extremely robust gear units and ensures maximum availability for your work machines.

    The series offers you a range of options that enable the gear unit to be integrated into your application ideally, for example:

    • Support 2 (Chun version)
    • Connection for oil cooling
    • Suitable for temperatures down to –40 °C

    Feel free to expect more, because that is exactly what PLANUREX 3 offers you – simply a premium product.

    • Greatest power capacity and maximum reliability
    • High efficiency and best performance
    • Very high degree of modularity
    • Large number of sizes with an option close to your desired torque
    • Available as an individual gear unit or an Integrated Drive System
    • Cement and Mining: roller presses
    • Roller presses place the highest demands on the drive. The PLANUREX 3 series has been developed and optimized specifically for this purpose. The product has proven itself many times in this field of application.