• Planetary gear unit which can be installed horizontally or vertically
    • Nominal torque range from TKN = 117,000 Nm to 2,600,000 Nm with 22 sizes 
    • Nominal transition range from i = 25 to 4,000

    The PLANUREX® 2 series has not only proven its worth over the course of many years in a large number of applications and under the most severe operating conditions. The units’ high quality and reliability have also allowed them to set global standards.

    The finely spaced series offers wide variety due to various output shafts, conformity to different motor standards, application-specific auxiliary equipment and load-sharing options. This permits a large number of possible applications to be catered for.

    The modular design allows a large number of basic components to be standardized, in particular planetary stages and housing components as well as drive- and output-side components. The resulting reduction in complexity makes it possible to produce economic batch sizes to a high quality standard.

    The PLANUREX gear units’ robust design guarantees process stability above all. Rely on the PLANUREX 2 to guarantee maximum operational reliability.

    • Easily combined with other gear units such as upstream helical, worm, bevel or bevel-helical gear units
    • Low-noise operation due to low rolling and sliding speeds at the tooth flanks
    • Greatest power capacity and maximum reliability
    • High efficiency
    • Comprehensive accessory program
    • Available as an individual gear unit or as an Integrated Drive System
    • Mining and Cement: roller presses, apron conveyors, tube mills, rotary kilns, bucket excavators
    • Cranes: slewing gear systems, trolleys
    • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: agitators

    Gearboxes for wind turbines, which are marketed under the autonomous brand Winergy within Flender are also based on planetary gear technology. Since Winergy introduced this technology into the wind industry in the 1990s, no less than 70,000 planetary gearboxes were sold. These gearboxes contribute to producing energy sustainably.