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    Pulper are big tuns where raw materials and water are mixed to fibre. Raw materials are wood fibre, pulp, and waste paper. The fibre consists to 99% of water. It is transported from the pulper directly to the proportioning system. Here, filler and auxiliary substances are added to the mixture in accordance to the special formula. 2- or 3-stage FLENDER bevel helical gear units are often used to drive the big pulpers. Torques in a range between 23,800 and 470,000 Nm can be realized. The FLENDER gear units are well known for their outstanding product and manufacturing quality. Due to the high degree of standardization they are soon available worldwide and offer an attractive price-performance-ratio.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Low noise emissions due to profile ground teeth, and noise absorbing housings and a high contact ratio factor of the gear teeth
    • Increased lifetime of libricants (oil) by means of design with a low maximum oil temperature
    • Very strong output shafts and bearings allow the absorbing of high axial and radial loads as expected for pulper with rotor contact


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